Welcome to the website of the Arrowsmith Watersheds Coalition Society. We are located on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.  We are an organization of community volunteers committed to helping ensure that our local watersheds, rivers, and groundwater sources can provide for our water needs now and in the future. Our team provides an opportunity for interested citizens to become familiar with our drinking water sources, the supply infrastructure, as well as the issues surrounding the protection of our water. We welcome all input, comments, and suggestions. Where we are located on the west coat of Canada. MapOfCanada   Our province is British Columbia on the west coast of Canada. MapOfBritishColumbia   We’re located in the central part of the east side of Vancouver Island, and we’ve called our local area “Oceanside”, which covers several communities.MapOfLocalCommunities By working together as friends, neigbours, neighbourhoods, and communities can we hope to understand the issues, the influences and pressures on the water system, the needs of all stakeholders, and how water-related decisions are made.  Our goal is to protect our water sources for our drinking water, our homes, our businesses and our health and well-being.  Many communities are addressing the same issues as we are.  We can learn from each other.