Water Treatment Plant

Water Treatment Plant

The proposed Englishman River Treatment Plant is important and expensive.  Where we put it and how we manage it will affect everyone living in the area.  Here are some links on these important issues.EngRiverWaterServiceTxPlanHere are some links for your consideration:

  1. http://www.pqbnews.com/news/322412711.html
  2. http://parksvilleresidents.ca/category/water-treatment-plant/
  3. http://www.kendroog.com/news/news-plan-b-for-parksvilles-water-treatment-plant-now-up-to-28-million/
  4. http://www.bclocalnews.com/news/269404501.html
  5. http://parksville.ca/cms/wpattachments/wpID166atID6896.pdf

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