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Watershed Governance is one of the many issues that our organization is Gord4Zaddressing now in conjunction with the RDN’s efforts to create a model of governance in our regional district.   AWCS is reviewing the model that has been put forth by the Cowichan Watershed Board and presented to the VIWWC by North Cowichan’s mayor, Jon Lefebure.    As wetlands are being destroyed at a phenomenal rate worldwide, urgent attention is required by all who can make a contribution toward this issue.

Our Summer Drought will not soon be forgotten.  British Columbia’s
FireNearSouthEndSproutLake-2015-GlobalNewswild fires and our concomitant low water levels in our lakes, streams and rivers this past summer are a major concern for Oceanside residents and local authorities.  The fires through BC and closer to home, in Port Alberni, were a serious reminder of our dependence upon our water.  When we are most in need of water, our levels are at their lowest.

The Increasing Demand for water
in Oceanside continues with our continued ParksvilleDrought-2015growth in the area.  Everyone wants growth but no one wants water shortages and water restrictions.  This past summer in July, water restrictions in Parksville were moved to Level 4.

“The City of Parksville is in a drought situation and is experiencing a reduction in emergency water storage levels which could severely impact our ability to fight a large fire or, after using water resources to fight fire, impact our ability to meet water requirements for residents and businesses.”  [See the Parksville Qualicum News of July 9th for the full article.]


Parksville Referendum on a Proposed Treatment Plant – November 21, 2015

Residents are Parksville, will vote on November 21 as to whether to borrow $5.6 million for a treatment plant to treat their drinking water.  For information, view an article from the pqbnews and information on the Englishman River water service from www.ourwaterservice.com.


Other Issues [in alphabetical order; not mutually exclusive]

Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR)

Arrowsmith Water Service (AWS)

Climate Change
Snow Pillow Data


Drinking Water and Watershed Protection Program (DWWP)
-eg. Golf Course


Englishman River Water Service (ERWS)




Nanoose Peninsula Water System
-Parker Road Well Monitoring

Oceanside Community Plan (OCP)

Parksville Water System

Public Ownership

Qualicum Beach Water System
-Oceanside Strata request to join QB water system

RDN Water Utilities or Systems
Areas F & G, Melrose Terrace, Nanoose Bay Penisula,
French Creek, San Pareil, Sandpiper, Surfside

Service Providers
-EPCOR and Water Rates

Vancouver Island Water Watch Coalition

Waterfront Planning

Water Security

Water Supply

Watershed Health
-Treatment Plant