Watershed Governance Survey

Gord1ZWater Governance Surveyy

AWCS conducted a survey at our AGM on November 18, 2015 regarding opinions about Watershed Governance.  The survey questions and the results of this survey are as follows:

[Note: 21 survey forms were returned.]

1. Do you feel watersheds should be subject to formal governance?

Yes:  20   No:  0   Don’t know:  1

Comment: Yes. But not by local government or ministries.

2. Should local citizens have more influence in the management of nearby watersheds?

Yes:  20   No:  1

Comment: What influence do local citizens have now?

3. Do you feel the regional district government should facilitate the preparation of a model for watershed governance?

Yes: 18   No: 1  No response: 2

Comment: Depends how much authority/governance they will acquire.

4. Do you feel the regional district government should facilitate the implementation of local watershed governance?

Yes: 15  No:  3  No reponse: 3

Comment: Depends how much authority/governance they will acquire.

5. Should a watershed governance function be separate from local government?

Yes: 15  No: 3  No response: 3

Comment: Question the survey question. Don’t know enough (to answer?).

6. Would you be willing to help support the funding of a governance function through property taxes, a levy on water use or redirection of current funds?

Yes: 19  No: 1  No response: 1

Comments: Focus on redirecting existing funds. Use only existing funding.



1. Too much abuse of our water requires stricter governance.TopBRivBed

2. The current situation is dysfunctional & unsustainable – will eventually lead to breakdown.

3. Protect wetlands and watersheds in local government jurisdiction.

4. I think regional government should be involved but not playing the lead role. I don’t think it would be independent enough.

5. It is essential that Qualicum, French Creek, Parksvville and Nanoose work together to manage the watershed in the interest of all the residents. The RDN should facilitate this cooperative effort. Mandate.

6. Redirect DWWP to a separate political board with ultimate power over water.

7. I need more information on many aspects of watershed governance before I can make informed decisions.

8. Helpful presentation. Still is a learning situation about this topic.

9. We should ask the new federal government to declare the right of citizens to have water first before industry.

10. Watershed inhabitants are the best participants in protection and any needed recovery of watersheds. Residents continue regardless of the government. Residents are most likely to support their decisions – defend against violations.

[Summarized by M. Jessen]